Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crafting on a Budget Valentine Treat Box

This was a no cricut or die cutting machine project. It was so easy, it's unbelievable. Some new crafters or for that matter, some of us long time crafters don't have all the fancy tools that others may have. Guess what, - that's okay. Crafting isn't about keeping up with the "Jones" and it takes time to build up your arsenal of craft supplies. So we use what we have.
I went to the dollar store the other day and in the wedding section was these white craft boxes. Twelve in a pack for a dollar. I thought, I can't even make them that cheap. So I picked a pack up and brought them home. My project still isn't quite finished. I'm going to use one of K. Andrew Design Valentine Sets to make a tag to hang around the handle. Kristal's stamps are super awesome. But if you don't have the money to buy stamps right now, you can always print sentiments off of your computer or hand write them.
I measured the front of the box and cut out 2 different pieces of Studio G paper from Wal-Mart, one a .25 inch smaller than the first one. I attached those to the front and back of the box, hole punched 2 holes with my crop-a -dile, (but a regular hole punch would work) and than tied a bow (again Studio G ribbon) through the holes.  I haven't trimmed my ends yet because I still have to put my candy inside. Once it's completely finished, I'll re-post a new picture and show everyone the finished product. But for today I just wanted to show you all some of the things that I'm working on. So for us crafter's on a budget for less than 3 dollars I got enough material to make 12 treat boxes with extra paper left over. I think that is pretty good.
Let me know what you think.
Thanks for visiting me today and happy crafting.
God Bless


  1. Great Find and your bag turned out so cute. Thanks for the tip.


  2. Love it Sherry! I'm such a bargain hunter myself, so I love when I hear about others find such great deals. Love how this box turned! :)


  3. I think you did awesome with your shopping... and your box is just adorable..
    (i have tried emailing you and now it won't even let me email you, it comes back undeliverable... just wanted you to know i am praying for you... ).. have a wonderful evening Sherry...

  4. What a find with the gift bags, Sherry!! You are right, you can't make them that cheap!! They're awesome and I love the paper you used!! :)


  5. I love the little gift bag. I would love to get one on my Desk at school great Job.


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