Thursday, April 28, 2011

Frog Card 3

Hi folks, I'm  back again. My daughter loves frogs so she's always the inspiration behind all of my frog cards. So this card has a pink background and I figure it will work for a girl card too, even with a frog on it. All the papers from this card were done using my scraps so I don't have any information on the papers I used. The frog was cut from the create a critter cricut cartridge at 3.5 inches. I used glossy accents on the frogs eyes and glitter glue on her cheeks. The stamp is from Stampin Up. The ribbon is from wal-mart. I fell in love with this ribbon the first second I saw it. But I didn't have many colors of paper then and it was a little difficult to match. I've over come that problem now, I'm happy to say.
I got to go to Joann's on Tuesday and most of you are thinking, "Well, okay?" But it's a big deal to me. I live in a small town without any craft stores near by and I have an electric wheelchair which I need, so taking it places is a large undertaking. So I was exstatic when my daughter found her prom dress and I found out that there was a Joann's in the very next plaza. To give you an idea of how tiny this store was, I think I've been in gas stations bigger than this Joann's. I wanted to purchase some stickles, because everyone seems to love to add it for some bling on their projects and I don't have any. Well, I asked the lady where they keep their stickles at and she looked at me like my head was on backwards. After I explained to her what stickles was, yes - she works in Joann's and I had to tell her what stickles were. She took me right to the glitter glue. So needless to say, I still have no stickles. But I do think the glitter glue did okay on my frogs cheeks. I just had to let it dry and then add a second coat to get enough bling to suit me.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frog Card 2

This is an A2 size card and as most of you have guessed he is from the Create A Critter Cricut Cartridge. He was cut at 3.75 inches. The patterned paper is from Colorbok at Wal-mart. The ribbon is from Big Lots. The stamp "fabulous" is from Stampin up. The circles on the top layer have glitter glue on them from Wal-mart. The card base is from my stash, so I'm not sure what exact company made it. This was another real simple card and I think it turned out really cute. Most of my cards go to the handicapped children in my kid's classes or the children that my husband and I teach at Live Oak Church of the Nazarene. Which explains why most of my cards have a kid like feel to them. I hope you like it as much as I do.
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Frog Card 1

I have been going through cricut withdrawals. My cricut broke and had to go to the shop. Well, let me tell you, Provo Craft stands behind their products. They emailed me a Fed Ex label to print out, so it didn't cost me anything to send off my machine. Then as soon as the man gave me the tracking number I emailed it to the lady I had been speaking with from their customer service department and she gave authorization for a brand new cricut to be released to me. It was all done and my new machine was here in less than a week. WOW!
I am one happy camper.
But for one whole week I was without my cricut and this is one of the cards I made, while I suffered in silence. LOL
So let me start by telling you how I did it and the products I used.
Joann's - a wooden frog and he is real thin so I thought it would be perfect for a card.
Custom Crops - (Crafts Too) Butterfly Embossing Folder
Papertrey Ink - Spring Rain (A2 size card) and ripe avecado ribbon
Stampin Up - Old Olive Cardstock
Homemade Glimmer Mist
I started with my A2 size card base and then cut the old olive at 4 X 5.25. Then I ran it through my big shot with the butterfly embossing folder. I absolutely love that folder. Custom Crops is very quickly becoming my favorite on line store for embossing folders. Then I placed my top layer in my spray box and sprayed it with my homemade glimmer mist. I know there are several you tube videos out there telling you how to make them. I use rubbing alcohol with mine because I think it dries quicker and doesn't seem to warp the paper as bad as water does.I added the ribbon and tied the knot around it. Then added my frog on top. I thought about adding some bling or using my gel pen on the marks following the butterflies. But I don't have a lot of boy cards so I decided to leave this one real simple. I really like how it turned out and my son said that the butterflies were food for the frog. I never really thought about it that way before.
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Flower Card

Target - K & Co. Designer Pack and Colorbok glitter paper
Stampin Up - Pink Pirouette
Pink by Design - Stamp (Our Kids) and twine
Wal-Mart - Yellow Button
This is an A2 size card.
Glitter paper cut at 4 X 5.25
Designer paper cut at 3.75 X 5.0
The center of the flower are drops my daughter and I made and we had a blast. As soon as I can figure out how to do a video my daughter and I will do a tuturiol on how we made them.
I contacted Judy, the very kind lady from to see if I could purchase some paper flowers she made and showed on her blog. She is so wonderful. I got an email back and she said she would just send me some and she also emailed me the instructions on how to make them. Well, I got this big envelope in the mail from her and I was so excited. It had one of those gummy seals where it could be opened and closed real easy. Well, when I opened it, there was a card from her in it and NO flowers. I wasn't going to say anything to her about it but then I didn't want her to think that she had went to all that hard work and I never used any of them. So I contacted her and we both hope that the post office likes the flowers they got as much as we did. Possibly a good reason why we should tape our envelopes shut too when we put them in the mail.
Now comes confession time. I took a picture of Judy's card because I wanted to always be able to remember it. It is only the 3rd homemade card I've ever gotten. I mentioned how much I loved her flowers right? Well, I took it off the card she sent and put it on this card I made. I hope you're not upset with me Judy. I guess it's kinda my version of recycling. LOL
I got on line yesterday and couldn't find the exact kind of punch she told me to use, but very close and ordered them. So hopefully you'll see more of these flowers in all colors on my cards in the future.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunny Card 3

Hi everyone. This is bunny card 3 and as most of you already know this bunny is from the Create A Critter Cricut Cartridge. The bunny and all her layers were cut at 4 inches.
The stiped mat is from the Martha Stewart Playful in Pink Stack
The solid colored mat and card base are from Colorbok.
This is an A2 size card and the layers are cut down in .25 inch increments.
I used my very first action wobble on this bunny so if it looks like she may be a little crooked, it's because she's on the move. I love those things.
The pink ribbon and buttons all came from wal-mart.
I used my white gel pen to put stitch lines around the bunny's ears and tummy and inked around the edges of
her in pink pirouette from stampin up.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunny Card 2

Again I used the same cut as from Bunny Card 1. I think he has character. LOL
The card base (A2) is from my stash and I don't know what kind it is, sorry.
Papertrey Ink - white card stock cut at 1 X 5.25 with loopy border punch.
Joann's - Martha Stewart loopy punch
Layer 1 - Provocraft (animal kingdom paper pack) cut at 5.25 X 4.0
Pink by Design - Love You Bunches Stamp Set
Stampin Up - dimensionals, pearl (colored pink with my bic markers for the nose), uniball signo gel pen for the faux stitching.
Wal-mart - pink pom pom for tail, 5 mm wiggle eyes, and the pink rhinestones.
Heat Setting tool for the rhinestones is my irock.
Of course, this is a girl bunny, the pink tail gives it away. She was real fun to do and it's a very simple design. The only issue I see with this card is that it would probably need to be hand delivered because her tail is really puffy and may not withstand the mail.

On a side note, I got on ebay and ordered some swarovski heatset crystals. They came and I can hardly wait to use them. They were actually cheaper than the stones that come for the irock. She even sells them in large quantities if you want that many. I got 150 crystals for $6.00. Which I think is an awesome deal. They also have them plain and you could use a mini glue dot to adhere them down if you don't have an irock. She sells them in all different colors and sizes.
This is a shortcut to her store if any of you are interest.
I don't get to go to the craft stores very much because there are none where I live and transporting my electric wheelchair is a huge task. So when I find something that I think is a great craft deal, I like to share it. I hope that you all don't mind. I would also like to say that I have no deal or arrangement with this seller what so ever. I know that I like bling and I can tell from some of you all's blogs that you do to. I ordered one size and am going to try to order more. I can't do the large orders, oh my, my husband would fall over if I bought 1500 swarovski crystals. But I was thinking that if a few of us ladies each wanted to order a set of the 150 crystals we could all get different sizes and agree on an amount and share with each other. Maybe different sizes or colors. That would make it reasonable for all of us to get an assortment and not break the bank. If you are interested in doing this, please let me know. I can be emailed at .
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bunny card 1

I absolutely love the patterned paper on this card. If you look in the bunny's baskets you will see that they are carrying bibles. I thought that was an awesome way to show the true meaning of Easter.
Now let me tell you what I used to make my first Easter Card. I will put my second one up later on in the week. These cards are for the other Pastors at my church.

Everyday Paperdoll Cricut Cartridge - cut at 4 inches
Papertrey Ink - Spring Moss card base and Lemon Tart ribbon
Custom Crops - Prima Jack and Jill Paper Pack
Stampin Up - dimensionals, Pink Pirrouette Ink, Chalks, and adhesive pearls (that I colored with bic markers to match)
Marvy Uchida Puffy Fabric Marker
Wal-mart - 5 mm wiggle eyes

I wanted to make my card but was searching for a bunny that was a little different than all the other ones I had made. I had just gotten some new peachy keen face stamps so I was looking at my doll cartridges and thats when I found this bunny. He's not real fancy, but I think he cleans up nice. I inked around the edges. Then I traced out the outline so he had a little definition and stood out a little more. Then I bent the top of one of his ears down and attached it with a part of a dimensional. I chalked his ears and cheeks to give him his rosey glow. Then I added the Marvy Marker to his tail and when you heat it up it gets nice and puffy. If you don't want it quite so full you can let it dry before you heat set it. But I wanted my bunny to have a big fluffy tail. I took the pearls and colored them with bic markers, yellow for the large ones on the corner and pink for the small one on his nose.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sympathy Cards

I don't know about you all, but sympathy cards are the hardest cards for me to make. I struggle even trying to think of the right thing to say and so normally I don't have any in my card box. Well, thank God I did these cards two weeks ago because I needed one yesterday. My dear friend died and left behind her son, my
god-son. This has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. So when I needed a card to give her new husband (they had been married a month) I was able to get one out of my card box. Because God knows I was in no condition to even begin to try to make one.

The card is a A2 size card base from Stampin Up - Regal Rose
The first layer is cut at 4.0 X 5.25 inches in Fine Linen from Papertrey Ink
The second layer is cut at 3.75 X 5.0 (It's from a RAK I received from Kerry Duff and you can find her videos on You Tube by looking for Duffer9904)
The ribbon is Fine Linen from Papertrey Ink.
I printed the saying from my computer and I cut it out with the shape cutters from Creative Memories.
The second card is another card I made and placed in my card box.
It also is a A2 size card cut from Fine Linen from Papertrey Ink
The first layer is cut at 4.0 X 5.25 inches in Baja Breeze from Stampin Up
The second layer is again from the RAK from Kerry Duff.
The ribbon is Fine Linen from Papertrey Ink
The saying if computer generated and again cut from with Creative Memories Shape Cutters.
I raised it up on Recollections pop dots from Joann's.

Please keep my god-son and her husband in your prayers. This loss was so shocking and unexpected. That my heart is absolutely breaking. I know my blog is suppose to be a place you all can stop in and see the cards and crafts that I've made and I'm sure that you don't expect to have to hear me crying. But I just need prayer. I will be going to the funeral this week and it's going to take all the strength that the Lord can give me to get me through this. Please pray for my 2 children with down syndrome, Jesse and Mariah. They considered Levi their brother and are both taking this very hard, as well.
Thanks for stopping by my blog today and please remember to tell the people you love how much they mean to you, because we never know how long we will have them with us.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Carrying Case for embossing folders

Someone requested that I show the carrying case I store my embossing folders in and wanted to know where I got it from. Well, it's nothing fancy, I believe it's actually a toiletry bag, which is larger than a makeup bag. It fit's great and when I buy some embossing folders they have smaller ones that come in the set, there is even room for them on the side of the other ones. I even have some that are 4.5 X 6 inches and they still fit great. I got the bag at Winn Dixie on clearance but I'm sure they have something similiar at Wal-mart, CVS or Walgreens. It has a sturdy strap so that I can even carry it when I go to crops. The bag measures 9 inches wide, by 6 inches high and 6 inches deep. So as you can tell just by the measurements that I have room for a lot more embossing folders. Which is handy because Custom Crops has some good prices on some embossing folders that I might just have to have. Check them out. They carry folders from quickutz, indentz, and crafts-too and they are generally priced around $3.00 or less. You can't beat that price. Plus you can find some limited addition cuttlebug folders and other sizzix embossing folders there as well. Quite a selection at a real good price.
Indie Art Cartride - lips die cut at 3.25 inches
Pink Cardstock and Glossy Accents - from Joann's The Paper Co. (Earth Garden)
Red Cardstock and button - from Wal-Mart @the office primary colors
Stamp & Twine - Pink by Design  from Our Kids Set
Ink- Stampin Up real red stamp pad
Action Wobble
The card is in A2 size card and the layers were cut down in .25 inch increments.
This was a real simple card to make and I think will give a big laugh to whoever receives it. Especially when the lips wiggly back and forth. Isn't that what everyone wants, a big sloppy kiss. LOL
Thanks for visiting me and happy crafting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A helpful crafting tip

Hi Everyone, first I'd like to say that I'm sorry for the darkness of the pictures. But with my flash it kinda washed them out and you couldn't see the designs. I absolutely love to add texture to my cards through embossing folders. Well, I have them all stored together in a handy traveling case with extra space for the ones I get in the future. The only problem was, I'd finish my cards and then I'd say, "Darn, why didn't I emboss that piece." Well, I didn't emboss it because they are neatly stored away in their case out of my sight.
You all know how it goes, outta sight, outta mind.
So what I did, was get a 12 X 12 size of plain white cardstock. I cut 4 inch strips then I cut each strip at 3 inches. On the back I wrote the name of each folder and who I bought it from, encase someone would ask where they could get that folder in the future. Then I flipped them over and ran each one through my big shot. I used my half inch circle punch, to put a hole in the corner of each rectangle. I tried using my crop-i-dile, but the hole just wasn't big enough to give me the flexibility and space I wanted. So now I've got a nice size rectangle that I can see and lay on my projects to decide which embossing folder I want to use. There's even enough room to put two side by side so I can decide which one I like best, without having to take them off of the ring. Taking them off of the ring would just give my little girl a chance to walk off with it to have something to color on or for it to fall on the floor and my dog to eat it. They hang right in front of me and now they are getting more use than ever before. I even cut some extra pieces, so when I'm ready to get more embossing folders I don't have to pull everything out and cut up more. There's never any harm in being prepared, just encase you see a new embossing folder that you can't live without. LOL
Thanks for visiting me today and happy crafting.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'll always support you.

I found this saying on one of my computer programs and just knew I had to make a card to go with it. It was a very simple card to make and can be put together in minutes. I hope you think it's as funny as I do and want to make one yourself.

PaperTrey Ink : scarlet jewel card stock
Colorbok : earth tones (wal-mart)
black and white card stock from my stash.
Roses Cuttlebug embossing folder (from Custom Crops)
Martha Stewart black ink pad
Circle Punch : 1.25 inches and 1.50 inches from Creative Memories
Stampin Up : dimensionals
Recollections Pop Dots : from Michaels
lace from my stash
A2 size card base 4.25 X 5.5
White layer 4.0 X 5.25
Black layer 3.75 X 5.0
The cut is from Paperdoll Dress Up at 3.25 real dial size.
I ran the black layer and the bottom of the die cut through the rose cuttlebug folder and then lightly inked over the roses to make them stand out as if they were a lace design.
I added a little adhesive on the back, across the top to get the lace to stick.
Then I placed the recollections pop dots in the center of the bra and stampin up dimensionals around the edge to make the center of the bra higher than the edges.
Thanks for visiting me today and happy crafting!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hedgehog Card

I started with a A2 size card base. Added the first layer and then ribbon. Then put my hedgehog, cut at 3 inches on top of that.
I used the cut out of the nose and traced another copy of it on the plum pudding card stock, cut it out by hand and raised it up with dimensionals. It added an additional layer and I think it made the hedgehog look a little more complete. I then used recollections pop dots to add an additional layer. I wanted it to stand up farther than the dimensionals from stampin up that I added to the nose.

Live Simply Cricut Lite Cartridge
PaperTrey Ink - lavender moon cardstock, plum pudding cardstock and matching ribbon.
Scraps of black and white.
GCD Studios, Sophisticated Frost Stack - cut at 4 X 5.25 inches
Wal-Mart - 7 mm wiggle eyes
Sakura Jelly Roll Pen
Eyelashed cut from the Pailey Cricut Cartridge. Cut at .75 inches. Can be found under the icon button #28 on the overlay.
Stampin Up - dimensionals
Joann's - Recollections pop dots
Thanks for visiting me today and happy crafting.

Friday, April 8, 2011

It's a Party

This is one of the sample invitations I made for a young lady from my church.
Everything was made to fit a A2 size card and envelope
I used the Wild Card and Cricut Classic Font Cartridges.
All the papers were from Colorbok.
I welded Sarah's name to a white square and then cut her name out again 2 times. Then cut the letters apart to get the mixed colors. The white piece was for the inside of the card and all the party information. I used my irock to add a little bling to the "i" in the, it's a party.
Thanks for visiting me today and happy crafting.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sarah's Birthday Invitations

Papertrey Ink Paper - Raspberry Fizz
Stampin Up Paper and Products - Tempting Turquoise Card Stock, Elegant Bouquet Embossing folder, Rhinestones and Versa Mark
Wal-Mart - Velcro Circles
Scrappy Papers (Lake City Florida) - Ultra Thick Embossing Powder

I made 70 of these cards including envelopes from the Wild Card Cartridge.
All the cuts for the card base were done at 4 inches.
The S is from the Storybook Cartridge and is cut at 1.8 inches.
I coated the "S" with Stampin Up Versa Mark and then dipped it in Ultra Thick Embossing Powder  and heat set it each time for a total of  3 times. It gave it a shiney, thick coat.
I added the Stampin Up rhinestones to the center of each of the embossed flowers.
Then used the velcro circles to keep the card closed.
The party information was printed from my computer and cut out at 3.25 inches.
A black square was cut at 3.5 inches, the information was layered on top and then layered on top of the invitation.

I also made pillowboxes to match the invitations from a Stampin Up die (#113466) for the party favors, but forgot to take pictures of them. They really turned out cute in black, tempting turquoise, and raspberry fizz. They were the perfect addition to pull the colors from the invitations back into the actual party.
I do NOT  work for Stampin Up, but do know a great demonstrator if you need one.
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monogram Card

The scalloped circle card was cut from the Wild Card Cartridge at 4.25 inches.
The card stock was black and tempting turquoise from Stampin Up and  raspberry fizz from PTI.
The silver rhinestones are from imaginesce and applied with my irock.
The front circle was embossed with elegant bouquet from Stampin Up.
The S was cut from the Storybook Cartridge and then embossed with ultra think embossing powder.
It will fit in a A2 size envelope so it can be put in the mail.
Thanks for visiting my blog today and happy crafting.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Build a Bear in Your Pocket

Papertrey Ink Paper - Harvest Gold and Dark Chocolate
Patterned Paper - American Girl Crafts - Super Paper Pad
Stampin Up - Regal Rose Card stock, Build-A-Bear Die, Build-A-Bear stamp set and dimensionals
Wal-Mart - Flower Buttons and Glue Dots
JoAnns - Martha Stewart Black Ink Pad, Zig 2-way glue pen and Stampendous Stamp Set
The Tape Depot - ATG Refills

The card base was cut at 8 X 8 and scored in half, making it a 4 X 8 card. It will fit perfectly in a business size envelope.
The polka dot paper was cut into a 3.5 X 3.5 square with a .50 X 3.5 rectangle placed on top to make a faux cuff. The entire pocket was faux stitched on all four sides and on  the faux cuff. The pocket was then glued down on 3 sides with my ATG gun. Being very careful to stay as close to the edge to keep room for my bear to fit in. The cuff was raised up on dimensionals for a little added texture and depth. I then placed the flower buttons on the left side to make the pocket look like it's off to the side of a shirt.
Thanks for visiting my blog today and happy crafting!