Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awesome Craft Tool Caddy

Hi everyone. I know that I've told you that a friend of mine made me an awesome Lazy Susan.  I just hadn't showed you how I used it to organize all my craft supplies. This is really awesome for everyone but especially those of us who have a small craft space. It only takes up 18 inches and provides a ton of storage space.
I hope you are as impressed with my friends awesome handiwork as I am. We came up with the idea of altering round tubes to go in place of my buckets for any he makes in the future. If you think he did a great job, let me know. I'm trying to encourage him to make more of them for a craft fair this fall. I chose to keep mine natural because it matches my tables better. But he would probably paint, stain or varnish any other ones. 
Now that you've seen my cool tool caddy. Let me tell you a little about the guy who made it. He's been my friend for over 12 years. He lost his right hand in an accident and yet, there isn't anything or any tool that he can't operate. He's the most handy capable person I know. Let me know what you think, is this something you'd purchase at a craft fair and for how much? I'd appreciate your opinion.
Thanks for visiting me today and happy crafting.
God Bless

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  1. Sherry... I wish I had time to watch your video.. but I am off to take Alex to school... I will try to watch it later today... have a wonderful day... hugs from ukiah


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