Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School - Hair Barrettes

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Back to School - Hair Barrettes
I have 2 beautiful daughters and my oldest is a sophomore in college and she has been wearing beautiful barrettes and bands in her hair. My littlest is in middle school and she's a bit picky about what she'll wear. She's just now starting to put clips in her hair. I got her the cutest little pixie haircut the other day, because I got tired of fighting the fight every morning to get all the tangles out. Well, needless to say she looks more adorable than ever before. Her favorite is the pink feathery one with the big pink bling in the center. I'm so glad that is her favorite because I think it's adorable and I'd like to make her one in every color. With her her cut as short as it is, this definitely makes her unmistakeably a girl.
The barrettes with the flowers and the pink feathers are super easy to do. I picked some small flowers, because I thought that Mariah would like them better and I simply hot glued them to the hair clips, that I bought from Wal-Mart. The ones with the different loops of ribbon are a little more complicated to figure out. Still simple once you know how and I will do a video of them later on. I'm not feeling well and have a sick child, so my time is kinda limited right now.  You'll be surprised how easy they are to make.

This hair band is the one my oldest daughter wears. I took a ring of feathers and then found two broaches that I thought would match. One was a cameo of a dolphin over the ocean and this one had the lighthouse. Danée picked this one. She thought the dolphin cameo would be to heavy. So that is something to take into consideration, if you want to do one like this.
Below is my beautiful model, Mariah. She picked out the two that she wanted to try on for you. Of course, I think the model is way prettier than the hair barrettes and that is my totally unbiased opinion. LOL

Thanks for visiting me today and happy crafting.
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  1. how cute she is, the hairbow is the frosting on the cake :) TFS Sherry

  2. So pretty! I love the bright colors on them and she looks so happy to be wearing them! :D


  3. I love her hair cute, she is just so adorable... what a little model she is. The barrettes are so pretty. hugs


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