Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Altered Project for Queen of my Craftroom

This is a super easy project that I have made to go inside the lockers of some of the kids that go to our church. It's an instant message board for all of their school needs.
I started out with a clipboard. I went to my local hardware store and got a piece of 5 X 7 flashing and used my atg tape to cover it with American Girl Paper. Then again from the hardware store, I got carpet tape. It's real strong and wide double sided flat tape. I started by using my corner chomper and rounding the one corner of the metal flashing and then put the tape on the back and butted it up against the clip on the board and pressed it down good and tight. Then I had picked up some cork from Wal-Mart and used a box cutter (because that blade was longer than my xacto knife) and cut it down to
8.5 X 5. Again I used my corner chomper and rounded the two bottom corners. Using the carpet tape that I put on the back I laid the cork over the top of the metal and across the clip board. I added 3 different sizes of post a notes that they can use for part of their school work. I purchased some accent marbles, which I call half marbles that they carry in the floral department. I used my 3/4 inch hole punch and punched the holes from the same paper I covered the metal with to make my magnets. I put some glue on the paper and pressed it to the bottom of the marble. Then I added a larger round button to kinda give it a more finished look and then placed a round magnet on the back. I've found that using those flat magnets that come in a strip are not heavy enough to work for this project. I will also be adding those same magnets to the back to have it stick to the school lockers. I added a few push pins into the cork and voila, I was done. I wasn't sure who I was giving this one to, or I would have printed out their initial and made the magnets monogrammed. I've done that for Christmas presents and they look so awesome with monograms under them - because whatever you put under the half marble is magnified. It's really neat. Well, I hope you like what you've seen and come back often.
Thanks for visiting me today and happy crafting.
God Bless


  1. This is such a great project, Sherry! I'm considering entering this challenge myself. :) I just posted about cards I made using some of the goodies I won in your giveaway, stop by and take a look if you have the chance! Take care. :)



  2. Very very creative Sherry.. and I would love to have you come out to CA (but not to smack me. lol) Thank you for all of you encouragement.. I am so blessed by your friendship. I have found so many wonderful friends since I started my blog and you are definitely at the top.. Thanks. hugs Sandy


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