Thursday, July 21, 2011

My first attempts at Crocheted Flowers

I've crocheted since I was young. My aunt taught me how to do it when I was in grade school. I can't pick up a crochet hook that I don't think of Aunt Wanda. Every time I go to West Virginia she makes me homemade zucchini bread with nuts. She always brings it over to me nice and warm. One of the sweetest ladies I know and a true blessing to me.
Well, I've seen these crocheted flowers on Iam Roses and at other craft stores. I just couldn't see buying them, because I knew that I could figure it out and that it couldn't take long to make them. Well, I was right. I got the crochet thread that you use to make lace doilies and within a few minutes I had made my first one. The neat thing about my ability to crochet is that I'm legally blind. So when I crochet I feel along with my fingers. It's amazing what God will allow us to do when He knows it means so much to us.
Another example of this is my friend, Keith, who made my lazy Susan. He lost his right hand in an accident years ago. He does wood working and there isn't anything that man can't do. He is such an inspiration to me. Go back to the "Update on my Craft Desk" post and you'll see what he made for me.
Here are a few pictures of the flowers I made. The smaller ones are super simple.
I chained 6 and then closed the loop.
Then I crocheted, a single crochet, a half double crochet and then (3) double crochets another half double crochet and then one final single crochet. Repeat that until you have 5 petals. Hook it closed and then cut the thread. One perfect little crocheted flower.

My Creative Time with Emma is showcasing all of her new stamps tomorrow and here is the link so that you can check them out first thing Friday morning.
Thanks for visiting me today and happy crafting!
God Bless
Sherry Wolfe


  1. Yours turned out great I am trying my hand on it too with my oldest sons help.


  2. Wow very well done! All your flowers are Awesome!!! I can't get over how many you made! Great job!! Xx

  3. Hi Sherry, I love these little flowers, I've been meaning to try and make some myself but I haven't got round to it yet, I suppose I may get myself a hook first lol. Thanks for sharing with us. hugs Donna x


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